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Cauliflower PIZZA Crust!

This recipe is FANTASTIC! You’ll definitely know that it’s not a bread-based crust but you won’t be disappointed in the flavor. The slightly nutty flavor of the roasted cauliflower is delicious! And you certainly can’t beat the added punch of nutrition for the cauliflower.

  • It’s loaded with B vitamins, contains omega-3 fatty acids, and is even a good source of vitamin C and manganese.
  • It’s full of antioxidants which help to ward off heart disease and cancers, especially bladder, breast, colon, prostate, and ovarian cancers.
  • It contains enzymes which boost the liver’s ability to remove toxins from our bodies.
  • It’s got tons of fiber to aid in digestion as well as a substance called glucoraphin which protect your stomach from ulcers.

Cauliflower is DEFINITELY a vegetable that you want to add more of to your diet!  Click through to watch a video from Foodwishes to learn to make this fantastic Cauliflower Pizza Crust. Continue reading


RMN-snacktivist-3501My fellow family health advocates, Susan Hayden and Patrick Fellows recently turned me on to the fantastic concept of “Snacktivism” through the blog Real Mom Nutrition by Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD.

Click through to find out exactly what “Snacktivism” is and for some great snack ideas to help you be the “Snacktivist” your kids need you to be. Continue reading

Smitten with SWEET Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are one of my ABSOLUTE favorite foods.  I eat them MULTIPLE times per week, EVERY week! 

Not only are they super DELICIOUS, they are incredibly NUTRITIOUS as well!

Part of my Sunday ritual is to cook up a big pot of Sweet Potatoes to have in the fridge for the upcoming week.

Click through to find out just how good they are for you and for my favorite EXTREMELY simple Sweet Potato RECIPE. Continue reading

CHEWY Oatmeal Cookies!

20121024-095425.jpgThese cookies are one of my absolute FAVORITE snacks! They are super EASY to make, contain no artificial ingredients, no trans fats, and are super high in WHOLE grain and can even be considered a heart healthy food.

But who really needs a reason to eat OATMEAL cookies! Click through for the last oatmeal cookie recipe you’ll ever want to use.

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